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Louvre Savoia Parquet Panels

A simple classic which enhances any room whether installed in an elegant diamond or a traditional square pattern. This pattern has many possibilities to create larger scale patterns by differing panel orientations. This panel is so versatile that it goes with almost and decor from classic French to arts and crafts to modern interiors.

The Louvre pattern is from the French Louvre Museum in Paris. There is an unlimited amount of patterns that could be used to design parquet floors.

In the 16th century the French started to place small wooden tiles made of spruce in the Palaces of Versailles, Sanssouci and the Louvre. They called their creation "parquet" which means a "small park". Frederick the Great named the parquet "Royal" flooring because almost by the 18th century parquet flooring was found only in the palaces.

Louvre Savoia Parquet Panels - Gallery
Louvre Parquet Panels from Oak Louvre Parquet Pattern Floor Louvre Parquet Pattern Floor Oak Select Grade Louvre Pattern Parquet Massive Oak Unfinished Louvre Panel Pattern

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