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D'Aremberg Parquet

The D’Aremberg pattern gets its name from the D’Arenberg castle located in Belgium and is named after the family that reigned in the Western European country from the 17th century until the First World War. A pattern made up of a border and of different geometric figures.

The D’Aremberg boards have become rare, are not affordable by everyone and new oak panels are not always satisfactory. That is why we make those boards with old 100 to 200 year old woods. A long preparation work as well as a hot wax finish gives the flooring a pleasant patina with amber colours similar to old wood.

Parquet floors were still something of a novelty in the 1620s, when Queen Marie de Medici of France installed an elaborate parquetry floor in the Luxembourg Palace — this flooring technique was considered to be, like Marie herself, of Italian origin. But through the next few decades, parquetry floors became THE fashionable flooring in fancy Parisian homes (like the hôtel de Lauzun, above); by the time English Queen Henrietta Maria (Marie de Medici's daughter) installed parquet floors at Somerset House in 1661, after returning from exile in Paris, the technique had become accepted as French style. A 1673 issue of Paris' most fashionable society magazine, the Mercure Galant, explained to readers that "people of quality" were forgoing dusty carpets in favor of parquetry.

There are many other types of patterns for the panels that make up a luxury wood parquet floor – each based on specific historical precedents. Three of the most popular are Chantilly, d’Aremberg and Monticello.

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