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Chevron / Point de Hongrie

Chevron parquet is a classic French design which has been used for many years in Parisian apartments. While installing a complex pattern like this used to be affordable only in luxury homes, it is now more widespread in use with machinery which can process the design making it more affordable.

The Chevron pattern is also called "Point de Hongrie". It got this name from a type of embroidery stitch popular in the 16th century. No one really knows why the stitch was called after Hungary, as it is usually thought to be Italian, but it could be because of the 13th-century Saint Elisabeth of Hungary.

Hungarian point is made up of various planks of the same dimensions, end cut at a 45-60 degree angle. The thickness is usually 22mm or 14mm. Tongue and groove assembly is generally used for parquets nailed onto backing strips.

The combinations of wood with other materials common in the 17th century, and the motifs employed became extremely complex, ranging from the simplest Chevron pattern, called point de Hongrie, to panels of elaborate geometric marquetry bordered and outlined with inlaid fillets of contrasting colour, and to coloured pictures in inlaid woods.

By using smaller pieces of wood he produced pictures in far greater detail than the earlier ebenistes, and by heating the surface and by engraving it he attained a much more varied effect.

Chevron Oak Parquet - Gallery
Chevron Oak Parquet Oak Grade Natural Chevron Parquet Floor Point de Hongrie Parquet Pattern    
Different Chevron Finished Products - Gallery
Antwerpen Chevron Oak Parquet Finish Bruxelles Chevron Oak Floor Finish Chevron Oak Parquet Floor Select Grade Lacquered Chevron Parquet Antique Super White Finish Chevron Parquet Antique White Finish
Leuven Point de Hongrie Parquet Finish Unfinished Chevron Oak Parquet Floor Liege Point de Hongrie Parquet Floor Finish Namur Parquet Chevron Oak Color Finish Oak Parquet Chevron Finished Grey Oil Overmat
Point de Hongrie New Oak Point de Hongrie New Oak Parquet Point de Hongrie Oak    
Point de Hongrie - Gallery
Chevron Made of Walnut Chevron Parquet from Walnut Chevron Parquet Pattern from Walnut Point de Hongrie Floor Walnut Point de Hongrie Made of European Walnut
Point de Hongrie Made of Walnut Point de Hongrie Massive Walnut Point de Hongrie Parquet Walnut Point de Hongrie Pattern Walnut  
Chevron Oak Parquet Flooring Gallery - London - Gallery
Chevron Oak Parquet Flooring Beveled and White Oil White Oiled Oak Chevron Parquet London Chevron Parquet Oak White Oiled and Brushed Chevron Rustic Oak Parquet White Oil Detail London Detail of Chevron Parquet Pattern Oak White Oiled

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