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Chantilly Parquet Panels

A pattern made up of a border and of compartments positioned at right angles to it. Inspired by the Ch‚teau de Chantilly in France.

The constant washing of the marble floors within the palace, as insisted upon by Louisís courtiers, was rotting the joists beneath. Accordingly, in 1684, an elegant wooden replacement for the marble floors was commissioned. The new floors, of course, had to complement the very grand interiors in which they were to be featured. Various wood floor designs were presented. After much debate, the classic design now known as parquet de Versailles or Versailles panels was chosen.

Parquet de Versailles, originally a symbol of royal absolutist taste, is now synonymous with timeless classicism. Louis XIV ushered in a demand for patterned parquet floors that is as strong today as it was in 1684.

Well-known panel patterns include Chantilly Parquet Panels. Panelled parquet floors are, and always will be, the epitome of grand flooring.

Our Chantilly Panel in "Classic" texture has a degree of surface movement which is softened by rounding the edges of individual panel components to remove lips and hard edges, replicating an authentic, aged floor that may have been in place for decades. Each panel is selectively hand filled, which allows the age and history of the timber to be evident whilst retaining a softer, more even overall colour to the panel.

Thus, parquet is not only an artistic expression of antique craftsmanship, but also a practical and elegant addition to modern day homes. Its evolution has lasted throughout the centuries and continues to this day.

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