Chantilly Parquet Panels
Chevron / Point de Hongrie
Petit Marly Parquet
Brittany / Soubire Parquet
Louvre Parquet Panels
Marie Loirette Panels
D'Aremberg Parquet
Marie Antoinette Parquet
Monticello Parquet Panels
Bordeaux Parquet
Chateau Parquet Panels
Fontainebleau Parquet
Frederiksborg Parquet
Herringbone Parquet Pattern
Dutch Parquet Pattern
Basket Weave Pattern
Square Parquet Pattern
Antique Oak Hand Scraped
Antique Oak Floorboards

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Antique Oak Floorboards

As our flooring is handmade please allow 5 - 10 working weeks for us to produce your floor.

Please contact us for more informations and for the best parquet offers at email: or call us at +40.723.143.772.

Trinity Antique Large Floor Boards Oiled Trinity Antique Oak Floor Trinity Antique Oiled Oak Floor Trinity Antique Parquet Floorboards Oiled  
Trinity Oak Antique Floor Finish Oil - Munchen - Gallery
Large Oak Antique Floor Finished Hardwax Oil Oak Antique Floor Oiled Installed in Kitchen Oil Oak Antique Floor Trinity Antique Oak Floor Finished Oil Trinity Oak Floor Hand Scraped During Oil
Wide Oak Antique Floorboards Finished Nature Oil        

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