Chantilly Parquet Panels
Chevron / Point de Hongrie
Petit Marly Parquet
Brittany / Soubire Parquet
Louvre Savoia Parquet Panels
Marie Antoinette Parquet Panels
D'Aremberg Parquet
Bespoke Parquet Wood Flooring
Monticello Parquet Panels
Bordeaux Parquet
Chateau Parquet Panels
Chenonceau Parquet Panels
Frederiksborg Parquet
Herringbone Parquet Pattern
Dutch Parquet Pattern
Basket Weave Pattern
Traditionell Tafelparkett Wien
Antique Oak Hand Scraped
Antique Oak Floorboards

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French Versailles parquet panels – and our history

Expert Parchet S.R.L. start work with parquet wood floors since 1990, in 2005 we start Cooperation with our Partner FRENCH VERSAILLES PARQUET, producer of traditional Versailles parquet panels or other type of French style parquet wood floors, classic parquet wood floors as herringbone parquet, chevron parquet (point de hongrie), etc.
We have big experience in Versailles parquet panels production based on traditional method, parquet made by hand, with wood nails and tongue and grove.
We have in our flooring range: massive oak classic parquet (herringbone), French style parquet pattern (Versailles parquet panels, Bourbon panels, Chantilly panels, Chenonceau panels, Marie Antoinette panels, Brittany panels, Loire panels or chevron parquet pattern, D’Aremebreg panels, Monticello panels, Chateau parquet, etc.) all made based on traditional method tongue & grove and wood nailed, oak wide floorboards engineered or massive thick 10-23 mm, design parquet floor, 2 layer parquet, mosaic parquet floor, industrial parquet floor, parquet for bath, outside decking, wood stairs and doors & windows and also luxury furniture from massive wood or composite. Read more...
Multilayer and Engineered Parquet Flooring
Traditional Versailles French Parquet Panels - Marquetry
Massive, multilayer and engineered parquet wood flooring

EXPERT PARCHET - We start to work with parquet wood floors since 2002 (install and finishing of parquet wood floors) after that in 2005 we put our Company EXPERT PARCHET (translated "Wood Floors Experts") base and we start to Cooperate with another Partner FRENCH VERSAILLES PARQUET producer of Versailles parquet panels or other type of French style parquet wood floors and classic parquet wood floors such as herringbone, chevron (point de hongrie), etc. Our tradition to work in parquet floors and Versailles floors production back since 1990, more than 23 years ago and together we have big Experience in Versailles parquet panels production based on traditional method made by hand, with wood nails and tongue & grove and we have a lot of experience in install of this exclusive parquet wood floors or all kind of wooden floors. Read more...

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Our traditional French Versailles parquet wood floors just as in the past are made according to the old French method, the elements are combined with tongue and groove with no adhesive, just like the real parquets that appeared in France in the XVII century. We create our parquet products with care for History, Nature and Traditional methods. Read more...

French Traditional Parquet Cataloque
Wood BRICKS is a unique system of wall and ceiling decoration, that consists of wood brick veneers (Wood BRICKS) in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and mortar line material (in different colors), that allows an endless number of decorative combinations of patterns and colors, combining the look of brick, with the warmth of wood. Read more...
Wood Bricks for Walls

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